A collection of projects I have been involved in. The projects consist mainly of Physics outreach and popularisation, covering the fields of Quantum Computation, AI, and other various topics. The material is mostly suitable for a very broad audience.


Magazine features:
Superconductors, powering the future, probing the past – Catalyst magazine

Singularity Summit 2009: The Faces of Singularity


Presentation slides:

Quantum Computing: Separating hope from hype

Virtual online seminar given in Teleplace, 04/09/10


Can quantum computers help us achieve human level intelligence? Uploading Schrodinger’s cat…

Presentation given at the Extrobrittania/UKH+ meeting group in Birkbeck college, London, 12/09/09


Quantum Computing: Is the end near for the Silicon chip?

Institute of Physics Schools’ lecture 2010 given at the University of Birmingham


Experimental Quantum Computation: An Overview

Guest lecture given to an MSc Computer Science class – University of Birmingham 15/02/10


Superconducting Flux Qubits: The state of the field

Presentation given to Condensed Matter Physics Research Group – 29/10/08


Quantum Computing for Beginners: Building Qubits

Presentation to Electronic Engineering department, University of Birmingham – 28/03/07


Quantum devices at the University of Birmingham: EUROFLUX 2008

Presentation given at the EUROFLUX2008 conference in Naples – 29/09/08



Language, learning, and social interaction – Insights and pitfalls on the road to AGI

How do you measure the speed of an Adiabatic Quantum Computer?

Building more intelligent machines: Can ‘co-design’ help?

The ‘observer with a hammer’ effect



Title: Cotunneling in pairs of coupled flux qubits

Author(s): T. Lanting*, R. Harris, J. Johansson, M. H. S. Amin, A. J. Berkley, S. Gildert, M. W. Johnson, P. Bunyk, E. Tolkacheva, E. Ladizinsky, N. Ladizinsky, T. Oh, I. Perminov, E. M. Chapple, C. Enderud, C. Rich, B. Wilson, M. C. Thom, S. Uchaikin, and G. Rose
Source: Phys. Rev. B 82, 060512 (2010)

Title: Phase slips in submicrometer YBaCu3O7-delta bridges

Author(s): Mikheenko P, Deng X, Gildert S, Colclough MS, Smith RA, Muirhead CM, Prewett PD, Teng J
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B 72 (17): Art. No. 174506 NOV 2005

Title: Measurements on ultra narrow tracks of YBCO highlighting potential
mechanisms of filamentary current transport behaviour

Author(s): Gildert S, Colclough MS, Muirhead CM, E. J. Tarte
Source: M2S HTS VIII 2006 Conference proceedings, Dresden

Title: Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling effects in Josephson Junctions
PhD Thesis
– Click to DOWNLOAD PhD thesis

Author(s): S. Gildert

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