AGI Research

Research Overview

Welcome to my Physics page. I am currently working on the design and testing of Quantum Optimization Processors (a form of Quantum Computer) which are made using superconducting electronics and operated at ultra cold (mK) temperatures. It is hoped that in the future that these processors may be useful for solving certain types of very hard problems. There are other advantages in using superconducting electronics, such as power saving (superconducting chips can be made to dissipate very little heat).

The second main interest is in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular that of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is a relatively new field which strives to build intelligent thinking machines, which can learn and be useful for a variety of different tasks, rather than specializing in one particular task.

My research occurs at the intersection of many different areas. Quantum Hardware may be useful in modelling quantum behaviour in physical, chemical and biological systems, in addition to its use in optimization and AI. I believe that large scale integration of quantum device technology (thousands of qubits) is not too far away, as we are beginning to understand how to build scalable versions of our processors. Building systems which operate using the principles of Quantum Mechanics are also interesting from a fundamental point of view, and reveal new physics as we attempt to build them.


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  1. Muzi j says:

    I would like to know much about COMPUTERS,computing & Quatum physic’S

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