I’ll be blogging over at ‘Hack The Multiverse’!

So what’s with the hiatus?

My blogging life has been split in two! So mostly I’ll now be blogging over at Hack The Multiverse – the official D-Wave blog (formerly rose.blog) – about the fun I’ve been having programming quantum computers. You might want to check out the latest posts there as there will be a fair amount of activity going on! I’m going to reserve P&C for discussing other things (probably mostly to do with AI, AGI, etc.)

3 thoughts on “I’ll be blogging over at ‘Hack The Multiverse’!

  1. Joshua says:

    I sure would like to follow you on twitter…

  2. M says:

    Hey Suzanne,

    Do you think that the first female avatar in quantum computing Yahoo messenger would have a gothic look? Or can female and male avatars exist in more than one state (or both at the same time) so there will be no gender identity in quantum computing version of Yahoo?

  3. Xtina says:

    Nice. I just came across this blog very randomly, googling a piece of physics cake. I guess I’ll follow you since I am a physicist who likes to bake cakes and loves goth.

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