The Physics World is my Oyster

Physics and Cake got a mention in Physics World this month! 🙂 As a long time reader of Physics World, I’m really happy to see this! I guess this means I’ll have to blog more about Physics and less about the speculative promises and hidden possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence… (especially as AGI apparently didn’t make the transcription below). Though I ‘m afraid I cannot currently shake my desire to explore the intersection between AGI and Physics!

Hmm, looking at this post in the browser is oddly fractal! Though not quite enough to become a Strange Loop. (H/T Douglas Hofstadter, you are awesome).

2 thoughts on “The Physics World is my Oyster

  1. Might I suggest you create two blogs. This one and AGI and pie.

    It even rhymes.

  2. Dr.Dom says:

    Hey Suz,
    Yeah I saw that! Exciting stuff. But I wouldn’t be to worried about forcing yourself to do more physics, your blog is the best source of rigorous speculation about AGI on the internet, and so has strong value as is. 😀

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