Online seminar on Quantum Computing

I’m giving a VIRTUAL seminar in Teleplace this Saturday…

I’m going to entitle the talk:

‘Quantum Computing: Separating Hope from Hype’
Saturday 4th September, 10am PST

“The talk will explain why quantum computers are useful, and also dispel some of the myths about what they can and cannot do. It will address some of the practical ways in which we can build quantum computers and give realistic timescales for how far away commercially useful systems might be.”

Here’s Giulio’s advertisement for the talk:
GIULIO’S BLOGPOST about quantum computing seminar which is much more explanatory than the briefly thrown together blogpost you are being subjected to here.

Anyone wishing to watch the talk can obtain a Teleplace login by e-mailing Giulio Prisco (who can be contacted via the link above). Teleplace is a piece of software that is simple to download and quick to install on your computer and has an interface a bit like Second life. Now is a great time to get an account, as there will be many more interesting lectures and events hosted via this software as the community grows. Note the time – 10am PST Saturday morning (as in West Coast U.S. time zone, California, Vancouver, etc.)

The seminar is also listed as a Facebook Event if you would like to register interest that way!

13 thoughts on “Online seminar on Quantum Computing

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  2. […] Quantum computing: separating hope from hype, tomorrow AM September 4, 2010 Posted by Geordie in D-Wave Science & Technology, Presentations. trackback Dr. Suzanne Gildert, sometime guest blogger at, will be giving a talk tomorrow! See here for details. […]

  3. Chris Long says:

    Would love to see this, but looks like Linux clients are still in progress. Will your lecture be reposted later?

  4. rrtucci says:

    I wanted to attend but couldn’t. I too would love it if you could post your powerpoint slides

  5. […] technology and applications” on September 4, 2010. See also Suzanne’s own post on “Online seminar on Quantum Computing“, where she has renamed the talk “Quantum Computing: Separating Hope from Hype“, […]

  6. The full video recording of the talk, Q/A and discussion is here:

    There are 4 versions of the video, with some differences explained in the post.

    Thanks Suzanne for the great talk!

    @Chris: I believe the Linux client for Teleplace is well advanced, and we should just keep asking nicely.

  7. Carl Nelson says:

    I watched your whole presentation and was totally charmed. I thought the technical delivery could have been better – don’t need all those snags and lags. But the subject is interesting and its really fun to be taught quantum mechanics by a really beautiful woman with a huge brain and an English accent.

  8. […] Dr. Suzanne Gildert will speak on “Building large-scale quantum computers: Fundamentals, technology and applications” at Teleplace, September 4, 10 a.m. PST. […]

  9. pascalou says:

    Somhow thats one of the most replied post you had, would it be linked to the fact that you were mentioned on a slashdot post and that we gooled your name…. maybe, that would also explain the linux thing as /. is only supposed to be os agnostic.

    Having said this other random stuff that comes to my mind:

    What s the tight link between IA and QC as you worked on boths as you worked on both but never mentioned it or i maybe i didnt grasp when you did so, apart from pattern reconition?
    Geeeky ghothic cake hungry scientist eww that s a weirdo mix.
    About the transhuman thing i still wonder didn t you read robots from asimov , i think that the end is quite clear and i d somhow agree to this maybe that at a point we need to go back on our tech evolution, well before that i d guess we would have to reach singularity.
    About this and some other post no, a computer is built by human and if somhow it could be as much “inteligent” that the sum of humans who built it so that no single human could ever encompass how it fully works, which isn’t yet the case but we can forsee it.
    i dont believe that an automate/computer built by humans could ever create/invent new things that a human/humans could not do.
    Yesss the carl sagan music video was a lot of fun, i didnt even knew about him before , yes he looks like the perfect gentlement, very classy.
    Hooooo instant home made ice cream that’s way tooo good.
    Playing with naughty naughty toys hoooo godness, i guess i got bored of mines, i want new ones now.

    Frozen cakes and physics: because we can harness the power of colder than space and make them quantum compute. (or something of that order)

  10. Nikos Bagis says:

    Im sorry I forget. My email address is:

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