H+ Summit 2010 coming up!

I’ll be attending the upcoming H+ Summit at Harvard University on the 12-14th June.

The Summit’s main theme is: Rise of the citizen scientist, and I do indeed look forward to having lots of interesting discussions about the future of science, in addition to (hopefully) meeting people with the specific intent of sparking AGI discussions and potentially ideas for projects. So let me know if you are going along and want to discuss Quantum Computing, AI/AGI, the future of science or anything else! The conference has a fantastic, diverse lineup of speakers, and the topics range from Controlling Brain Circuits with Light to Building a Services Market for the Transhuman Era. Pretty cool, huh?

I think it is really important that Physicists consider how science might be conducted in the upcoming decades. That is a subject for another blogpost, maybe even an essay or two 😉 – but I certainly think that the way we are currently going about making discoveries is rather inefficient, and there are several ways in which we can improve on this.

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