Clash of the superconducting gate-model giants…

Flux qubits have been basking in the limelight recently…. two papers appearing on the ArXiv within a day of each other. Both papers investigate initialising, controlling and probing entangled states of a 3-qubit system:

Preparation and Measurement of Three-Qubit Entanglement in a Superconducting Circuit

Generation of Three-Qubit Entangled States using Superconducting Phase Qubits

Are Yale and SB going head-to-head in a gate-model phase/flux qubit battle? Looks like it…But who will win? Who has the highest T2?! Place your bets now!

More interestingly, this means we have yet another datapoint on the graph of number of successfully entangled sc gate model qubits versus time (in years). Presumably with 3 data points we can roughly gauge the scaling. I feel a plot may be required…and probably a log-lin scale.


One thought on “Clash of the superconducting gate-model giants…

  1. M says:

    “…and probably a log-lin scale…”

    (hissing cat noises)


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