The all new ‘Resources’ tab

The regular reader(s) may have noticed that a shiny new tab, the ‘Resources’ tab has been added to the blog:

Hopefully I’ll put up here any presentations/essays/slides/generally useful information about the stuff that I am interested in and researching, which is basically anything to do with Josephson junction technology, superconducting electronics, experimental quantum computing, quantum neural networks, artificial general intelligence and the brain. I’m currently in the process of getting some new videos edited too, so they will be going on there soon. I’ll put a separate post about those. Until then, you can enjoy perusing slideshow PDFs of several presentations that I have given to a range of audiences.


Here’s some cake to enjoy with the slides:


physics and cake


(This one was from our regular Wednesday post-group-meeting ‘cake club’)

One thought on “The all new ‘Resources’ tab

  1. 8-0-8 says:

    ty for the cake ^_^ and the Resources tab haha

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