Humanity+ UK 2010

This one-day conference will be the first of its kind, to promote and encourage the (currently fast growing) interest in future technologies and transhumanism in the UK and beyond.

Humanity+ UK 2010

Confirmed speakers include Rachel Armstrong, Nick Bostrom, Aubrey de Grey, Max More, David Orban, David Pearce, Anders Sandberg, Amon Twyman, and Natasha Vita-More. It’s a great opportunity for those who are curious about futurism, transhumanism and accelerating technological change to meet and talk to a wide range of people interested in these subjects.

There will be a conference dinner after the event at a nearby restaurant. Visit the website to find out more and register for the event.


2 thoughts on “Humanity+ UK 2010

  1. rrtucci says:

    Vita-More in a live-forever movement? You gotta be kidding.

  2. 8-0-8 says:

    Wow o.O wish I could go; assuming you do, tell us how it turns out! ^_^

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