Cool Nanotech video

This is so awesome. Michio Kaku explains some of the latest developments in microtechnology for drug delivery, energy generation and military applications, and and how these current developments might be further miniaturized towards the nanoscale… I just love the little machine with the fat cell destroying laser!! *zzzt*

Via Blogging the Singularity


7 thoughts on “Cool Nanotech video

  1. quantummoxie says:

    That kind of targeted drug delivery is the stuff I’m working on with the quantum dot folks that I mentioned at QIP. It is wicked cool stuff and I’m highly motivated by the possibility that it’ll lead to a cure for cancer (at least tumorous ones) since I’ve had some friends who’ve battled it recently. Nanotechnology is the future of a lot of stuff, though. It’s amazing what it’s getting used for.

  2. 8-0-8 says:

    Nanotechnology is indeed the future of a lot of stuff. If you did it right it could cure every contagion on the face of the planet, I think. It could also be militarized in several devious ways itself ^^; but that’s humans for ya.

    Anybody know how far away fusion reactors are? ^^’

  3. Neil Dickson says:

    Fusion? Well, as I recall, General Fusion was looking at a pretty short timeline to get a fusion reactor and running (5 years?), assuming they can get the funding they need of course. They at least have a higher chance of success than ITER.

    • 8-0-8 says:

      Is that just a functioning fusion reactor or one that would have commercial value as a power supply? ^^’ I know they have some models that work they’re just not productive, haha. Oh and what is ITER, if you don’t mind me asking? ^^’

      • Neil Dickson says:

        General Fusion is aiming for a power reactor, or at least their design sounds highly compatible with power generation, since they’ll have liquid flowing in and out of a reaction chamber absorbing the heat, which is exactly how many types of power reactors work.

        ITER, on the other hand, is a brute-force attempt at a demonstration fusion reactor (like a concept car) that’s been in the works for 25 years now with well over $10B sunk into it already and 10 or so years to go before they get anywhere. After that, if they decide to make a power reactor, it could be another 20 years before it’s built.

  4. 8-0-8 says:

    Oh Suz I thought this link might get you riled up
    especially the entry: In the So Bad Its Horrible B Movie Bats, Mad Scientist Dr. McCabe initially justifies creating the rampaging super intelligent omnivorous bats with the words “I’m a scientist! That’s what we do!”. No one finds this explanation even the slightest bit strange.

    …what do you think?! I know it’s a tad off topic ^^’

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