QIP 2010 – Day 1

Hmmm. I think I AM the only experimental physicist here 🙂

Still, I’ve absorbed a fair amount. Interestingly quite a few of the conference participants seem to be Theoretical Computer Scientists with only very slight inclinations towards the quantum, although I haven’t sampled a large set of conversations yet.

I had lunch with Ed Farhi and several other people working in the area of AQO/AQC. it was really interesting to discuss some of the open questions regarding the adiabatic quantum algorithm.

I really enjoyed Daniel Gottesman’s (Perimeter Institute) talk as he discussed SAT problems in spin systems, which are things that we can actually make and play with, and see if they are behaving quantum mechanically, so I’ll have to talk to people a bit more about that. I’m not sure if there’s any way to distinguish between extremely similar complexity classes such as ‘QMA’ and ‘QMAEXP’ experimentally using such systems, but it might be something worth thinking about.

I also finally met Quantum Moxie.

I really like the way that they have put chocolate bars on all the seats in the lecture theatre…

Anyway, more later.

7 thoughts on “QIP 2010 – Day 1

  1. Fred Grosshans says:

    There is at least another (half) experimentalist here : myself. But I agree, it’s mainly a theoretician’s conferene.

    I guess the experimental equivalent will be the QCMC conf in Australia.

  2. rrtucci says:

    Suzanne, how can you! You are being so ruthlessly unfaithful to Clan Cadbury, to which the UK owes so much (tooth cavitywise)

  3. ivan says:

    Anyone interested in live-live blogging?

    You can use this etherpad for that purpose:

    This will make it possible for me to follow vicariously…

    (just post arXiv links 😉

  4. quantummoxie says:

    I didn’t see you at the afternoon sessions, but was curious what your view as an experimentalist was of Steve Flammia’s presentation on adiabatic gate teleportation (I’m curious to know Geordie’s take on it too). I’ll have to locate you two today…

  5. quantummoxie says:

    I’m guessing you’re getting your photo taken with Charlie. At any rate, I’m here and I’ll be here for a bit longer. I rented a car at the airport for 2:20, so about an hour from now. I’ll hang out here for a couple more minutes then I’m going to take the 10 tram up to my hotel and drop some stuff off (I’m at Accademia Apartments, #5, corner of Universitätstrasse and Irchelstrasse, diagonally across from the park where the tram turns). Feel free to chase me down. My rental is through the airport Avis.

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