QIP2010 – Preconference musings

I’m now in Zurich at the QIP2010 conference. I’m hoping to do a bit of live-blogging! I’ve never live-blogged from a conference before, so we’ll see how this goes.

I’m looking forward to hearing all about the cutting edge of theoretical quantum information! I’ll probably be the only experimentalist there and be totally confused…

Zurich seems very beautiful, I love the river running through the city and there are several buildings with really spikey spires. (A red one and a green one). If I had any sense of culture or history I would tell you all about these buildings. But at the moment I just think they are cool because they are spikey. Pictures and slightly more useful information may follow soon.

There is also a cake shop. It’s called CakeFriends. It’s like they knew I was coming. I tried to get in there today but it was way too busy. Looks like they do really cool coffee and cake 😀 Gaining access to this confectionary resource is definitely on the agenda for the upcoming week!


4 thoughts on “QIP2010 – Preconference musings

  1. quantummoxie says:

    By the way, two things I forgot to mention over on my blog in response to your post. The first is that I plan to spend a little time on Wednesday with anyone who is interested in joining me, hunting down the graves of James Joyce and Wolfgang Pauli. I may also go to Lichtenstein since it is only an hour away. Then I can say I’ve been to Lichtenstein. Not many people can say that.

  2. quantummoxie says:

    And one other thing I learned. Apparently the Swiss are known for something called chäs-chüechli which is essentially cheesecake and is apparently a Swiss national treasure.

  3. 8-0-8 says:

    Live blogging, cool 🙂 and CakeFriends too! Zurich sounds like a nice place to visit sometimes, though I hear there has been a cold front in most of Europe lately.

    Oh and I don’t know if you are but if you enjoy any kind of cooking of baking I have a fairly decent cheesecake recipe ^_^

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