Coffeebreak Links 291209

More quantum picks from the recent ArXiv preprints.
Something to read when you have to stay up ’til midnight…

Theory of Macroscopic Quantum Dynamics in High-Tc Josephson Junctions
The Tunneling dynamics in s/d-wave hybrid junctions is difficult due to the non-ideal barrier interface and the unknown effects of quasiparticles. This paper furthers the compilation of a theory to describe these unusual junctions.

High-performance Energy Minimization with Applications to Adiabatic Quantum Computing

Tunneling-induced coherent electron population transfer in an asymmetric quantum well

Phase gate of one qubit simultaneously controlling n qubits in a cavity or coupled to a resonator
– Franco Nori’s latest work.

A Quantum-Bayesian Route to Quantum-State Space

Theory of two-dimensional macroscopic quantum tunneling in a Josephson junction coupled with an LC circuit
-More from Kawabata (and Bauch)

Measurement of the Josephson Junction Phase Qubits by a Microstrip Resonator

Switchable ultrastrong coupling in circuit QED


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