Fridge surgery

Take a look at this picture:


Yes I am hacksawing a dilution refrigerator….

One of the entry ports to the IVC has been hardsoldered with a stainless steel placeholder bush. We need to replace this with our custom made copper bush with feedthroughs for coaxes and DC lines. It is virtually impossible to remove this part given the small space around it, and we decided that we don’t want to put power tools nearby, lest we accidentally buzz through the dilution unit. Which would be a bit like putting a scalpel through the jugular.

So hacksaw it is.

I wonder how many low temperature physicists have wanted to saw their dilution fridges in half before. Today I got to indulge in that pleasure. The results weren’t pretty at times:

that's gotta hurt

Although half way through I started thinking ‘I hope that this is the right part I’m sawing…’


5 thoughts on “Fridge surgery

  1. Ahh yes. The visceral thrill of using a dremel or hacksaw on the fridge. I hope never to experience it again.

  2. 8-0-8 says:

    Poor refridgerator, we hardly knew ye…

  3. John Gildert says:

    Just read your post on my new IPhone 🙂 loving you hacking up something so precious. Bit like me taking the hacksaw to my dashboard. You need the iPhone 🙂 supports push mail 😉

  4. Dom says:

    Oh man! That looks so wrong…

  5. Frown says:

    Poor fridge, I won’t show these pictures to mine 😀

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