Steampunk fun

Cool. I love steampunk stuff. Especially as quite a lot of the random junk equipment in my lab looks vaguely like it could belong in this genre. So here’s an exhibition you can go and see in Oxford:

Tech Know: Fast forward to the past

“The growing number of artists and amateurs who have built steampunk devices has led the Oxford Museum of the History of Science to mount an exhibition of them. The show runs until February 2010.

Browse the exhibits and spend time with steampunks and it becomes obvious how to spot members of that distinguished breed – they are the ones with the swagger and buckets of style”

Here are some more Pretty pictures

There’s also a blog:
Steampunk Art @ Oxford, The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University


2 thoughts on “Steampunk fun

  1. quantummoxie says:

    It’s like a mash-up of Tim Burton and Neal Stephenson. 😉

    • physicsandcake says:

      Stephenson+Burton = cool. They should totally collaborate 🙂

      Have you read ‘The difference engine’ by Gibson & Sterling? That’s a pretty cool steampunk inspired novel, although I haven’t read many others so I don’t have a good baseline for this genre.

      Whilst I’m on a roll, I also quite like Abney Park:

      I’m annoyed I missed a chance to see them live once.

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