P&C @ D-Wave Systems – Redux 2009

In case anyone noticed the blog-tumbleweed accumulation, I should explain where I’ve been: I spent the last 3 weeks in Vancouver at D-Wave hanging out with those awesome pioneers of adiabatic quantum optimization.

I love working with these guys, they are really good at what they do. Thanks go to all the guys there for making my trip very enjoyable. I played with the latest quantum processors, which gives me a total buzz. I did more Physics than I think I’ve done in months, musing over the Hamiltonians of Ising spin systems and whatnot. The processor technology is really coming along now, as I mentioned a few posts ago.. I totally want a quantum computer for Christmas. Superconducting flux qubits FTW!

Vancouver was cool too. I ate more sushi than I probably should have done. There was lots of rain, but then again I don’t mind the rain, especially when there are accompanying storms. I like Vancouver and the West coast in general as all the people there are so enthusiastic. It beats the perpetually miserable British folks 😉

So although I have been neglecting to post over the last 3 weeks, lament not this absence. There has been tons of cool Physics, lots of fun, and… did I mention… cake. They MADE ME CAKE. Not only can these guys engineer the most advanced superconducting processors in the world, but they also make a mean chocolate cake. Respect. So we had a coffee, cake and donut party 🙂 I had to honour that on here of course.

Check it out:

Where there are quantum computers, let there also forever be cake…

3 thoughts on “P&C @ D-Wave Systems – Redux 2009

  1. quantummoxie says:

    Mmm, donuts…

  2. Paul B. says:

    Hey, Suz!

    Thanks again for gracing our place with your presence!

    Good luck, and hope to see you around again soon, jotting those precise pages of Hamiltonians with the guys…

    Paul B.

    P.S. And… Best luck with your art book! 🙂

    • physicsandcake says:

      I haven’t been able to stop thinking about spin chains, and whether or not electrons are green when in a superposition of states… 🙂

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