Some nice D-Wave info

I suspect this may be redundant information as my readership is probably entirely contained in the superset of D-Wave’s blog readership, but… For anyone who didn’t see it, there is a series of new posts over at Geordie’s blog about D-Wave’s technology, aims, results, fabrication and mostly anything else you could wish to know about the company’s quantum computing efforts. There are several links to presentations containing plenty of data to mull over.

What D-Wave are trying to build

The posts are still being added at the moment, so make sure you check back often to look for updates. For my colleagues who read this blog (I know who you are…) you should definitely check it out.

2 thoughts on “Some nice D-Wave info

  1. Geordie says:

    Thanks Suz. The upload is finished, all of the documents are posted.

  2. […] of Ising spin systems and whatnot. The processor technology is really coming along now, as I mentioned a few posts ago.. I totally want a quantum computer for Christmas. Superconducting flux qubits […]

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