More UKTA presentation fun!

I gave a short presentation to the UK Transhumanists on Saturday about something I termed Massively Multiplayer Online Research Project Science (MMORPS). The briefing was to give a summary of Michael Nielsen’s talk on Open Source Scientific Collaboration given at the Singularity Summit. Several of us spoke at this meeting, the aim to give a flavour of the Summit to the UK guys who couldn’t make it. The session was very well attended, over 70 people turned up – a record for the UKTA… I suspect Aubrey de Grey’s presence helped 🙂

Here is the YouTube video – my talk starts at 5:15 minutes in. You can get to the other half of the talk (and the rest of the talks at the meeting) via this link. I’m sandwiched between Anders Sandberg and Aubrey de Grey…

The talk was basically about two things: Online tools for collaboration between research scientists and research groups, and crowdsourcing the potential of the general public for the advancement of science. It was quite a short introduction but I think it got the point across and it got people thinking. I’ve added Mechanical Turk / Clickworkers / several scientific social networking sites to my list of crowdsourcing ideas since giving the talk (which centred around the examples of Galaxy Zoo, BOINC, the Polymath project and Wikipedia/Scholarpedia), but if anyone knows of any more I’d love to hear about them.

Here are a couple of pictures from the talk:



Photo credit to Kopacetic


One thought on “More UKTA presentation fun!

  1. rrtucci says:

    It’s pretty amazing how she can juggle five balls and lecture at the same time.

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