Experimental Physics + Internet = Fail.

LOL. You know, if this guy keeps making these discoveries, there isn’t going to be any science left for the rest of us to do. No fair! 😀

Superconductor World Record Surpasses 250K

9 thoughts on “Experimental Physics + Internet = Fail.

  1. dark_daedalus says:

    Saw this yesterday… IANAQP, but looked like a crank.

    Don’t feed the kooks.

  2. 8-0-8 says:

    Interesting, there’s hope for this Type 13 planet yet ^_^ haha. What exactly is the Holy Grail of superconductivity, anyways?

  3. Geordie says:

    As far as I can tell none of the potential chalices used by Jesus during the Last Supper would superconduct. So I think the Holy Grail of superconductivity is not within reach.

    The Valencia Chalice is made of red agate. Insulator.

    The Genoa Chalice is made from green glass. Insulator.

    The Jerusalem Chalice and the Antioch Chalice are both made from silver alloys. Possible but unlikely.

    Although I think it’s highly unlikely any of these were the actual chalice of the last supper. Given the circumstances it’s very likely that it would have been some sort of ceramic (although probably not YBCO) or possibly wood (insulator) cup.

    In any event, I think none of these would superconduct even at mK.

  4. Geordie says:

    You know this would be a cool research project: Finding which religious relics superconduct and at which temperatures. This would be a great Ig Nobel project. Maybe you could even win a Templeton prize.

  5. 8-0-8 says:

    If that were so Geordie I’d put my money on the Ark of the Covenant – solid gold is a good way to go if I remember, haha ^_^ too bad no one knows where it is… *shrugs*

  6. Geordie says:

    Nope, gold doesn’t superconduct at mK… what we need is a good lead or tin artifact.

  7. dark_daedalus says:

    Luckily, this research has already been done. 🙂


  8. physicsandcake says:

    I think the holy grail would be an epitaxial, atomically perfect Josephson junction in a similarly perfect loop and on a similarly perfect substrate with no damn two level systems or fluctuators anywhere!!

    • 8-0-8 says:

      I knew you’d know what I meant! 😀 …though I don’t think I could spot an atomically perfect Josephson Junction if my life depended on it ^^;

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