Second Campus?

So the freshers have arrived on campus and the new University term has started. To mark this occasion, the University have decided to adorn the campus with these boards, demonstrating some of the more visual results of research undertaken in the college of Engineering and Physical Sciences. I’m sure the idea is to convey the fun, excitement and beauty of research science.


However there is one problem. As I’m walking through campus, I keep thinking I’m in Second Life. In SL, people convey information on these giant boards that look identical to these ones… apart from they take longer to load in SL. Unless I haven’t had enough coffee in the mornings, then it’s a pretty close call. So you see, I’m now having even more difficulty separating my real and virtual lives…

In SL, you can click on the boards and they give you information. I’m wondering if we can write an iPhone app with one of the augmented reality frameworks that does the same thing with these boards. Perhaps it could take you to the group’s website, etc…

And yes, the students do behave in a remarkably similar fashion to SL avatars. Sometimes they just stand around like they are totally AFK.


2 thoughts on “Second Campus?

  1. quantummoxie says:

    One of the many reasons I left SL. Too much surrounding ‘static’ so-to-speak. Your idea kind of reminds me of Minority Report when Cruise is walking around and the ads are selling straight to him through some embedded chip.

  2. Geordie says:

    Too funny.

    You know I was having a Kurzweil-esque thought the other day. Given the progress we’re seeing in video games (in particular I am thinking pong –> World of Warcraft in about 30 years) I think it’s entirely reasonable to project that at some point video games will be indistinguishable from “reality”. If this is in fact the case then I wonder if you could make an argument that it is highly likely we are in a simulation.

    The argument would be related to the “Carter Catastrophe”… it’s overwhelmingly more likely to exist when the most entities like you exist… if a sentient race gained the capability to build “virtual life” presumably there would be many more virtual people than real people. So if such a technology existed you would almost certainly be in it.

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