Coffeebreak Links 200809

Everything’s been so busy this past week, I’ve got a whole load of links and they’re all completely disorganised, but here are a few just so I a get them off the backlog pile:

A really interesting company I learnt about recently:
Evolved Machines

Upcoming Events

World Future Society conference 8-10 July 2010, Massachusetts
World Future 2010

SENS4 Conference in Cambridge, UK 4-7 Sept 2009

and From the RI events calendar:
A brain for life: The 21st century mind Friday 25 September 2009

This one looked good too:
September09 Cafe Scientifique: Quantum mechanics Monday 21 September 2009
but it’s fully booked now. It might be worth calling them a couple of days before to see if there are any cancellations.

If Quantum-themed cafe scientifiques are this popular, I might see if I can get one arranged for Birmingham and get some guest speakers in 🙂

Fun and educational videos:

This is awesome:
Scott Aaronson vs. Eliezer Yudkowsky on BloggingHeads TV
Great if you love argumentss about Many-Worlds.

A video feed dedicated to Electronic Engeneering! Brilliant stuff:
Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast


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