Systems Biology and Quantum Computing

I just attended a coffee and cake morning (yes I have a radar for cake) at the Centre for Systems Biology with a theme of HPC. The general topic of the meeting was to discuss the use of the BlueBEAR cluster (1500 core Birmingham cluster) and other HPC centres for biological, microbiological, molecular and genetic applications.

I went along to see if anyone was interested in Quantum Computing 😀
Specifically I wanted to meet people who might want to explore QC (in the future) as a way of simulating neural nets and addressing some NP-HARD problems found in biological systems. And I met a few cool people, so that’s all good; it may be possible to establish some new collaborative links for future projects.

And being a little worried that people might get the wrong end of the stick and presume I was trying to out-parallelise the guy in charge of the HPCC, I explained that it would be a very useful resource for running QMC simulations…

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