Savoie experimental superconducting electronics workshop

At the moment I’m attending an S-Pulse superconducting electronics (SCE) workshop at the University of Savoie in Chambery, France.


So far we’ve had talks about single photon detectors, hot electron bolometers, junction measurements, ballistic readout of qubits, Terahertz imaging, modelling inductances and superconducting circuits, cryocooling and cryopackaging, and plenty of RSFQ related information.

Yesterday morning we had an invited talk given by Hideo Suzuki from ISTEC, Japan, entitled ‘Progress of the interface circuit and cryopackaging techniques for SFQ circuits’. The Japanese progress on RSFQ technology is very impressive, the presented results demonstrated some very high speeds with very low Bit Error Rates (BER).

The weather is lovely and the food is delicious which always helps 🙂


Part of the idea of S-Pulse is to get people involved in the RSFQ/SCE scene, and to disseminate information about superconducting digital electronics and why it is useful. So if you are interested in attending or contributing to a workshop, you can check out the S-PULSE website for information. So far people are meeting and networking within this European project from Germany, France, UK, Sweden, South Africa, The Netherlands and Italy, to establish the position of Europe in the field of SCE and to promote the European superconducting device foundry. Note: People from outside Europe are also encouraged to attend.

Also, there is a postdoc position and a couple of PhD positions currently available in RSFQ. More information can be found here.


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