Hack the planet!!

The cool idea of hackerspace is growing fast:


DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide

A little more digging, and I find that there’s some already running in the UK, and one planned for Birmingham. Reminds me, I’ve been thinking about on organising an electronics masterclass/summer school. It would be mainly aimed at A-level students (the idea being to host it at the University as a means of attrcting students), but I guess that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case if you have a non-Uni based framework such as this in place.


3 thoughts on “Hack the planet!!

  1. dark_daedalus says:

    Good idea… but.

    I’d dispute the already running at least for the London ones. All appear to be dead, still in alpha planning or a small social centre with a couple of laptops.. which is a far cry from a workspace for H/W hacking etc.

    The UK seems to be a bad at these, partly due to high cost of land space and IMHO due to political and social suspicion.

    The problem tends to be that most TAZ ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporary_Autonomous_Zone ) are by definition temporary without some kind of Angel organisation to protect them.

  2. physicsandcake says:

    *sigh* I thought that might very well be the case. Some of the American ones seem to be doing quite well. I think this kind of thing suffers from a lack of advertising rather than a lack of willing participants. It’s also the classic cat-herding problem.

    One of the key ideas of hackerspace is to keep things decentralised, but I think that some organisation component is necessary, maybe even running as a for profit business. And if you don’t have something like that, you’ll get too high a learner-expert ratio.

  3. dark_daedalus says:

    I’m not sure it is the advertising, I think it is.. well, the activation energy. The same problem occurs with voluntary organisations, which you and I have both worked for.. The initial effort of time, people (skilled etc.) and money and then to keep it going, there needs to be some input of these.

    I think the problem is that most UK residents are time poor which is the main issue. The finances are not brilliant esp. atm.

    I think if you want to do this in the UK, city centres look good, but fail the space and money (mainly in rent ).

    I think the best idea would be what some community projects realised including a Dog Rescue Charity I know. Buy a bus or similar large vehicle (say a box lorry i.e. closed sides) and kit it out with tools, benches, computers, CNC machines etc.

    This can be driven to cities etc. on a rotating basis, the running costs i.e. Tax, Maintenance and Petrol, are far lower than a fixed location and it is more flexible.

    The 21st century equivalent of the mobile library which was far more common when books were more expensive and most people couldn’t afford more than a couple a month.
    Amazon etc. changed this and made these pretty obselete, but the same idea visiting space with skilled staff and more resources than a single person could afford, run by charitable donation.

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