D-Wave systems are now running a distributed computing project to help simulate their Adiabatic QUantum Algorithms and analyse the results. You can help by donating CPU cycles.

To join the project simply download the BOINC software (The Berkeley platfom for such projects, including SETI@home etc.). For more information and to download AQUA click here


4 thoughts on “AQUA@home

  1. Geordie says:

    It’s amazing how helpful & welcoming the BOINC community is. We have had many experienced users helping us iron out bugs, and the folks at Berkeley have been exceptional also.

  2. Ducati 749 says:

    I think AQUA@home is FOR PROFIT
    am I wrong?

  3. physicsandcake says:

    Yes and no. It has been set up by a for-profit company, (D-Wave Systems), and is primarily designed to help them achieve their goal of understanding the operation of the adiabatic quantum algorithms when they are run on real quantum hardware. However, the results will also be of great interest to the wider academic community, and (as I understand) will be published as such.

    So I guess it depends on how you look at it. The results may help towards the success of the company, but I guess in some way that’s the goal of most academic research, to find commercial applications 🙂

  4. Ducati 749 says:

    I can’t understand why I should help a company.
    if they want to make profit they must invest money, not borrow home computers
    when I want to help DWave system, I will buy some shares

    I will NOT support this project
    but this is just my opinion..

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