Cake wars – the saga continues…

At some point in the dim past I promised CAKE. Last year we had a cake club in the Condensed Matter group. It was a fun and carefree affair, with the affectionate donation of a cake from a member of cake club each week after the group meeting, keeping to a predetermined rota. EVERYONE WAS HAPPY.

This year, things are different. We now share our working space with the newly instantiated Cold Atoms group. How could we share our cakes with imposters? There was only one answer. The cake wars began.

So now each week there are two cakes, one from Condensed Matter (CM) and one from Cold Atoms (CA). And the members of cake club vote democratically as to which cake is the best. (Actually the democratic voting system has only just been finalised after several ‘incidents’ resembling the Eurovision Song Contest style of voting).

Here are some pictures from Cake club:

The scores so far this (academic) year
Week 1: CM 5 CA 4
Week 2: CM 5 CA 10
Week 3: CM 7 CA 7

Yeah, we’re losing…

4 thoughts on “Cake wars – the saga continues…

  1. quantummoxie says:

    Mmmm. Those look like some seriously yummy cakes.

  2. Geordie says:

    My favorite eurovision song was disqualified in 2004.

  3. rrtucci says:

    after and before a proper English education 🙂

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