Sir Brian Pippard

I am saddened to hear about the death of Brian Pippard. Pippard made pioneering studies into the field of superconductivity at the University of Cambridge, including foundations for the BCS theory, and the introduction of the coherence length and the non-local model. He demonstrated real insight in both experiment and theory. See here for an obituary.


One thought on “Sir Brian Pippard

  1. Brian was the supervisor of my final year undergraduate project in cambridge, one of the last teaching roles he took on (I don’t think I’m entirely to blame).

    I well remember the time that we were sitting in his office and as part of the project it became apparent that we needed to measure the magnetic moment of a small magnet that had been sent to him by a bulgarian teacher (it’s a long but interesting story…) Anyway Brian sat back for a minute and then started looking around his office for a piece of string. Finding it he suspended the magnet from his doorframe and instructed me to measure the rate of oscillation of the magnet about the earths magnetic field. A few more calculations and estimates later on and we had worked out how large the moment of the magnet was, and, if it had been spherical, the field intensity at its surface. Classic Pippard !

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