Coffeebreak links 250908

Links to check out over a coffee.


LHC setback
If you haven’t heard (where have you been living?) the LHC has been setback due to the technical failure / magnet quench. I really hope that this is the only major problem and that they get back onto track soon.

Sciencewoman has put together a list of women bloggers in the science and engineering fields. A valiant effort given the current blog explosion!


New fractal pattern found in milk and coffee
Mmmm, coffee.
Loophole found in quantum cryptography photon detectors
It seems that the detector of popular choice (the Perkin Elmer SPCM-AQR detector module) used in current systems has a flaw. I wonder if this is an engineering problem (i.e. more secure detectors can be developed) or if there is something more fundamental here.

Just for fun:

Play with spider! – I love this. Play with a realistic 3D spider, which interacts with your cursor. A great flash applet – especially those who wish to overcome arachnophobia. You can change the properties of the spider e.g. the length of the legs, speed of movement etc.

Just how much fun can you have with a bunch of sand grains and a speaker? About this much! Almost trumps my previous longstanding favourite – Crazy fun with non Newtonian fluids.

3 thoughts on “Coffeebreak links 250908

  1. Geordie says:

    That spider thing DOES NOT help overcome arachnophobia.

    Yours truly,


  2. physicsandcake says:

    Oops, sorry 😉

  3. rrtucci says:

    Those writhing corn starch fingers are like a scene from Dante’s Inferno. They are sure to give me nightmares. Is it the genetically modified corn that does it?

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