I’m back from the LT25 conference in Amsterdam. It was very good, very nicely organised. There were over 1400 people there, with 200+ posters each day for 4 of the days (the conference was 7 days in total). On Sunday there was an excursion to Leiden to see the equipment used by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes to liquify Helium, including the vessel where the first liquid Helium was collected. Very cool. I’ll add some pictures later 🙂

One of the highlights was seeing how far people are now getting with qubit techniques, including coupling qubits together using a microwave resonator, investigating the fidelity of single qubits, and coupling qubits to Two Level Systems. These examples demonstrate important steps towards quantum circuits.


One thought on “LT25

  1. quantummoxie says:

    That’s cool that you got to see Onnes’ equipment. Can’t wait to see the pics!

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