Social Notebook

I’ve been playing with Social Notebook which is rather fun. I quite like the idea of open notebook science, it’s a different way of thinking which actually allows you to organise and structure your research (or at least the way you think about it) rather than having all the concepts sitting in a big cloud in your mind. I’m happy to help beta test 🙂

We definitely need more users so I guess everyone should spread the word. To join contact Joe over at Quantized Thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Social Notebook

  1. Thanks for the link Suz. I guess this means I had better get working on expanding the capabilities.

  2. quantummoxie says:

    One might be a way to see who else has joined? Kinda like Facebook? I know Chris Altman has joined already.

  3. physicsandcake says:

    I like the ‘knowledge propogation graph’ on the front page – similar to the friend wheel app on Facebook.

    I agree some way to search for users who you might know (or might not know but should do!) by field, discipline, name, location etc…

    Perhaps a predetermined list of interests as keywords with tick boxes e.g in my case ‘quantum computing’ ‘superconductors’ ‘dilution refrigerators’ ‘general physics’ or if that is too specialised perhaps just ‘physics’ ‘maths’ etc, then you can search for people with similar interests…

    I guess this could also be done via groups and communities, assuming people join them.

  4. Actually, I both those functionalities are already built in. Unfortunately I haven’t quite worked out how to make people fill in their profiles. Basically there should already be a keyword search, and an ability to create communities (just click on the My Networks tab). The communities have their own wiki, so the creator can decide exactly what is editable by who within each community. I was hoping that small communities (2+ people) would be useful for collaborating, since it is possible to lock out all other people if so desired.

  5. I’ll work on the friend search.

  6. Rather embarassingly the server seems to have gone down. I’ll look into this.

  7. Ok, its back up. The search seems to be working fine. Did you have any specific issues?

  8. physicsandcake says:

    OK if I find anymore issues I’ll pop them on the forum bugs thread. Hope that the forum comments so far are helpful and not just irritating!

  9. Actually I hadn’t realised there were any until today. I’m looking into that blog post issue at the moment. The whole point of having a beta period is to try to iron out these issues and to add requested features where possible.

  10. Ok, the bugs you have brought up are now all fixed.

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