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Some fun links to check out over a coffee 🙂


  • This month’s Physics World has an article about current progress of qubit fabrication, entanglement and readout: Remapping the quantum frontier – the website has a summary, full version in the magazine.
  • Arxiv:

  • Heat capacity as a witness of entanglement
  • Quantum algorithm design using dynamic learning
  • Schroedinger-like PageRank equation and localization in the WWW
  • Just for fun:

  • The LHC rap – This has been crossposted everywhere, but it’s still fantastic!
  • Keeping with the LHC theme, some lovely pictures of the detectors etc.
  • Graphene Quantum Computing

    Via the arxiv blog:

    Quantum computation with graphene nanoribbon

    Everyone is going graphene crazy at the moment! This scheme suggests using a Graphene nanoribbon in a zigzag shape such that electrons (or holes) are localized at the two corners of the zigzag, and the interaction between the spins can then be used to demonstrate coherent properties of the system. Each ribbon then forms a quantum dot structure such that adjacent ribbons can be coupled together with varying strength of interaction.

    Scaling this sounds difficult though, especially as the current state of the art graphene manipulation techniques tend to involve the use of sellotape 😉


    I’m back from the LT25 conference in Amsterdam. It was very good, very nicely organised. There were over 1400 people there, with 200+ posters each day for 4 of the days (the conference was 7 days in total). On Sunday there was an excursion to Leiden to see the equipment used by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes to liquify Helium, including the vessel where the first liquid Helium was collected. Very cool. I’ll add some pictures later 🙂

    One of the highlights was seeing how far people are now getting with qubit techniques, including coupling qubits together using a microwave resonator, investigating the fidelity of single qubits, and coupling qubits to Two Level Systems. These examples demonstrate important steps towards quantum circuits.

    Social Notebook

    I’ve been playing with Social Notebook which is rather fun. I quite like the idea of open notebook science, it’s a different way of thinking which actually allows you to organise and structure your research (or at least the way you think about it) rather than having all the concepts sitting in a big cloud in your mind. I’m happy to help beta test 🙂

    We definitely need more users so I guess everyone should spread the word. To join contact Joe over at Quantized Thoughts.


    I thought it would be nice to include a pic from my PhD graduation (a couple of weeks ago), if just to show that I do occasionally leave the lab 🙂 I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and unlike my undergraduate ceremony it didn’t rain. I might put an electronic copy of my thesis on the Arxiv and the University server at some point.

    I’m off to LT25 Conference next week, so I’m hoping there’ll be lots of interesting people there to chat to. I may even indulge in some Liveblogging, if I can get wifi access, or get my mobile broadband to work.