So just as I’ve (possibly) got my head around the idea that there is Neuromancer film in the pipeline, which to be honest I’m trying to keep an open mind about (I love Gibson’s work but translation into screenplay hasn’t exactly been proven a success)…

I also find out that they are remaking Dune;

Another of my favourite scifi books…. Now I actually quite liked the 1984 version of the film. I don’t think they’ll be able to improve on that. Scifi filmmaking seems to be rather formulaic these days, I doubt they’ll include any of the internal monologue etc., which to me seems key to the storyline. Just look at the 2000 mini-series, it really didn’t work that well in my opinion.

I think I’ll always find books more fulfilling than films. Maybe I have an overactive imagination 🙂

I’ve recently finished reading The Difference Engine, which was quite interesting. It seems that alternate history scifi is the real fashion at the moment… which is not a bad thing – it can be quite educational in addition to the entertainment value.

2 thoughts on “Scifi

  1. quantummoxie says:

    Have you seen the SciFi channel’s version of Dune? Don’t know if that stuff made it to the UK. They also did Children of Dune. I personally liked it better than the 1984 version. I thought it was exceptionally well done.

  2. Randal Koene says:

    Suz, — okay, it’s not typical to send responses to a years-old post. But I was browsing and feel a strong need to add a vote for the 1984 David Lynch version of the Dune film!! Indeed, the Lynch atmosphere in there was so suitable for Dune, that’s unique!

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